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This website was created by integrative and functional registered dietitians and nutritionists. Our intent is to provide information, articles, and resources from doctors and other integrative health professionals, to help you stay healthy as well as recover safely from COVID-19.

Our mission is to help you take control of your health and feel empowered during the COVID-19 pandemic. This site will provide you with resources from prevention through recovery including links to medical professionals that provide early intervention therapeutics, evidence-based supplementation research and lifestyle modification strategies.




I am experiencing common COVID-19 symptoms 


I want to take steps to improve my immunity

“I am symptomatic or have tested positive
for COVID-19.”

Symptomatic or COVID-19 Positive

Actions to Consider

Call Your Primary Physician

Reach out to your primary care physician if you have been diagnosed or think you may have COVID-19.

Doctors Offering Assistance

List of doctors offering COVID-19 assistance.

Find An Integrative Practitioner

Complementary Alternative Medicine in addition to Allopathic Medicine

Resources to Share with Your Doctor

Common COVID-19 Symptoms

Immune Support Prevention through Recovery

MATH+ Protocol

“I want to take steps to create a strong immune system & reduce the risk of sickness.”


Actions to Consider

Work with a Registered Dietitian

Work with a dietitian to optimize your health and nutrition.

Find an Integrative Practitioner

Complementary Alternative Medicine in addition to Allopathic Medicine

Immune Support

Keep your immune system healthy and prevent illness with these dietary and lifestyle recommendations from a Registered Dietitian.

Dietary Supplements to Consider

Ask your doctor about these vitamins, minerals, and other supportive nutrients to boost your immune health. 

Helpful Resources

Diet & Nutrition

Dietary Supplements

Stress Management


Immunity eBook

Your Vitamin D Levels

A Safe & Preventative Approach to COVID-19

As certified health professionals, it is our mission to share scientific and reliable information to help you understand and feel confident when it comes to the health of yourself and your family.

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