Why Mental Health is Important

How to Cope with COVID

How to cope with traumatic events like coronavirus

Stress Management

Importance of stress management and how to recover


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – signs, symptoms, and how to help

Stress Management Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques for optimal health

Art & Trauma

How art can help the stress recovery process

Creative Therapies

Creative arts therapies to enhance mental health and reduce stress

Art & Healing PTSD

How art therapy can benefit PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI)

The Unlonely Project

Short films to inspire and motivate you

Creative Exercises

Mindfulness, drawing, writing, photography, etc. 

Happiness Activities

30 free activities that can make you happy today!

100 Ways to Relax

100 ways to relax including art and creative exercises

Mind Body Approaches

Mind and body approaches for stress and anxiety: What the science says

Relaxation Techniques

Learn relaxation techniques like breathwork and body exercises

Financial Health

Effects of Health Care Costs

Financial health may directly affect health not just by stress but by avoidant behaviors around going to the doctor. 

No Health Insurance?

How to go to the doctor with no health insurance

Expensive Co-Pays?

How to go to the doctor when you can’t afford the co-pays

Paying for Medical Bills

What to do when you get medical bills you can’t afford

Money Problems and Stress

Coping with the stress of money problems

Financial Stress

7 reasons why financial stress is contributing to physical depression

Reduce Financial Stress

How doctors can reduce financial stress

Online Resources

Stages of Stress & Recovery

General Adaptation Syndrome Stages explained